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Friday December 19, 2014
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Star-Academy is committed to making high quality educational training more affordable and accessible to every student. We believe that new technologies can be harnessed to deliver innovative, effective and efficient solutions to the changing educational needs of the communities we serve.

We offer a variety of flexible and affordable tutoring plans to choose from. We are also willing to partner with schools, non-governmental organizations and government departments to enhance education.

Summary About Us

Ever since we started operating in May 2010, we have been successfully enriching the academic experience of students.
Our input has been acknowledged by multitudes of students and parents alike.
We have turned-around the educational fortunes of most of the students we have handled. However, we cannot claim 100% passes like some of our competitors falsely do as we admit students from a wide spectrum of academic abilities and attitudes.

Quick Contacts

Physical Address:
Main Mall, Plot 696.
Postal Address:
P.O. Box 3937, Gaborone.
Email Address:
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Tel: (+267) 714-04-007
Fax: (+267) 395-7-808

Keys To Success

We tutor students from standard 1 (primary), through the entire secondary school phase up to assisting tertiary students for some courses at year 1 and year 2 level. We currently have 23 tutors- with qualifications cutting across the broad realm of the academic world. Star-Academy has pioneered the strategic coupling of e-learning techniques with the traditional tutor-based delivery, and also with smart parental interaction.

Professional Achievements

Star-Academy Tuition Centre continues to grow in leaps and bounds. In 2012 we managed to enter into a smart partnership with both Naledi and Mogoditshane Senior Secondary Schools to prepare some of their students for the examination. In 2011 we partnered with Segoditshane primary in a similar arrangement. We also offer our services free of charge to any school in Gaborone that needs motivation and counselling for large groups of students(So far Naledi Senior, ST Josephs College and Sir Seretse Khama JSS are the only schools that have deemed it worthwhile to benefit from this service - the others have adopted a cynical approach).

Our Philosophy

  • We have faith in the dexterity and tremendous resourcefulness of the human mind; the average human-being has a rich enough mind to achieve great mental targets, but usually many people fail to use their minds efficiently and effectively. We apply multi-lateral academic strategies to ignite the cognitive spark in our students’ minds. We believe in shaping the overall life outlook of a student rather than just seeking purely short-term academic results. We further believe in engaging the student’s parent via our monthly consultation sessions..




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